Misty's Goldeen is a water type Pokemon card. Misty's Goldeen appeared in the anime TV show. This card was released in the year 2000. This card is worth $00.10 to $00.25 according to Beckett Pokemon Unofficial Collection magazine.

Gym Heroes Unlimited Misty's Goldeen

Misty's Goldeen2

This Goldeen has 30 HP. It only knows Horn Attack which does 30 damage if a flipped coin lands on heads.

2nd Gym Heroes Unlimited Misty's Goldeen

Misty's Goldeen3

This Goldeen has 40 HP. It was also made in the year 2000. It knows Fury Attack and Supersonic. For Fury Attack you flip two coins. It does 10 times the number of heads damage. For Supersonic you flip a coin if heads the defending Pokemon will be Confused.