Erika's Oddish is a special card in the Pokemon card game. Seeming that Gym Leader Erika never had an Oddish this card really isn't based off a Pokemon from the anime.

Gym Challenge First Edition Erika's Oddish

Erikas Oddish

This card has 40 HP. Its only move is Strange Powder, which makes you flip a coin. If heads your opponents defending Pokemon is confused. If tails the Defending Pokemon is put to sleep.

Gym Heroes Unlimited Erika's Oddish

Erikas Oddish2

This Erika's Oddish knows two attacks. They are Blot and Sporadic Sponging. Blot lets you take one damage counter off of Erikas Oddish plus does 10 damage and Sporadic Sponging does 20 damage plus allows you to take off one damage counter if you land heads while flipping a coin.This Erika's Oddish has 50 HP!